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The starving writer

I feel like there is this gap between a parent’s generation and our own. The mindset is get a job, any job you can find, so long as you get benefits. And if I mention going after the one I feel I’m supposed to, my way of contributing to the world in the best way I can, I feel eyes staring at me with that “I can’t believe I’ve raised a millennial” look. Surely you know the one, millennial or not for disappointment is disappointment. And I get it because I’ve put in a lot and all I have as of now are words on a page. But I know I will get better. I know I can do it if I keep going. And is seeking purpose through your career such a bad thing? I suppose as long as it pays. Lately, I’ve been using the excuse “I’m still in my 20’s and figuring it out.” But that feels wrong, misleading somehow because I already have. I know that I will be a writer.

What do you want to be?


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Just a girl and her dog.

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