Universal tidings

This year was supposed to be the big travel year for me. Up until last month, your girl was running around Europe but had to come home because of the Corona. I suppose it’s hard to write anything without the virus creeping back up into the seam-work of things. It’s everywhere, permeable in all conversations.

In my mind, I would’ve been exploring around Asia right now. Hah! I’m going to take a big “L” on that one. But it all happens for a reason. We know simply because it did. It’s happened. Done. And that’s always how we know it was supposed to. We were all running around a bit too much. The universe knows; tells us, but we don’t listen, then holds us in her arms, rocking us back and forth. Time to slow down. Yes. And that’s okay.

Where would you have been now?

Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

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