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Thoughts on peace during a pandemic

There has been so much duality lately. It makes one really begin to recognize the nature of things. A true spectrum. How much have we all wanted a break from it all, quite certain that if we were just given a few weeks off to just be, away from the stress of the everyday we would finally feel better. A chance to breathe, we said. And yet now that we have it, we are begging to go back to work as if that’ll make us happy. But we were just there a few moments ago and…nothing.

Many need to financially, yes, but I’m speaking to those that claim they want to go back to the ways things were for their sanity. As if things were more pleasant on the other side they so desperately wanted to be away from. I guarantee that when the day comes for us to get back into the swing of things, we will also be miserable. Then we will look back fondly at a distorted view our memory morphs to fit our present mindset. It will say, “remember all of the time we got to spend with our family.” Of course, that family is the exact same one we currently can’t stand, locking ourselves away in tiny rooms, apart.

I suppose it’s all about balance. I find my ego proclaiming itself to be the positive light through it all, when really I grow just as irritated when observing the negativity in others. And I become negative myself in the distaste of “theirs.” For really it is my own. Anger towards others’ anger only creates more of it. And compounds…because then I grow angry that I’m angry.

Is anyone else like this?


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Just a girl and her dog.

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