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Little drops & BIG dreams

How refreshing to know that the big dream will never be accomplished in a single sitting? What pressure! Rather it is the baby steps, how we choose to spend each day, that will turn into something beautiful.

And there’s no exact formula you need to memorize, no specific number you need to reach, no status you need to attain. Nothing to worry about but today. The little drop is already the ocean, the wave is already the sea, and the universe will help you align. It will come together and exceed all. I say it again: the universe will help you align because even the best builder, with the most calculated steps, cannot touch the sky. Yet.

But don’t do it for the outcome, because of how you think it will make you feel on the other side. Let go. Create simply for the experience. The beauty that is now. The anticipation of Christmas is just as great as the day. Or else why would the songs start playing so early? Don’t get lost in the one day when there are so many to love. All we ever have is the present moment. Enjoy it.


Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

3 thoughts on “Little drops & BIG dreams

  1. Agreed! Neil Gaiman describes it as taking steps to get closer to your mountain. No matter what you do, as long as you’re taking steps every day to get there, you’ll be okay. Thanks for writing this!


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