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The soul of a place

The more I travel, the more I am quite certain that every place I visit has a soul. You can feel the energy pulsing through the moment you step off the plane.

Moving to Santa Barbara, I remember this feeling. I knew it was exactly the place where I was supposed to be. A great soul lies here. The people feel it, live through it, are created out of it. I believe we adapt to our environment more so than the other way around. But it’s always a give and take.

Is this feeling a result of our collective soul, of all the people living in one place, or is it unique to the land? Unchanged, regardless of who comes and goes or takes up root.

And we mustn’t forget about the memories lingering in the spaces until we return. Forgotten about until we walk back through with another soul, flooding into remembrance to make us say, “I was here.”


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