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Thoughts on peace during a protest

As is essential to preface, it’s hard to know exactly what to say and do during this time. There is the fear that someone more experienced, more knowledgeable, more influential might come up and label the ideas you put forth as “right” or wrong.”

But the more this occurs, the more I recognize this labeling as frivolous; transient. The action one takes is considered “right” by some, “wrong” by others; “right” one day and “wrong” the next. And with social media this transient nature of things become heightened as so many ideas from so many minds pour forth at once in a stream of sensory overload where now notions of “right” and “wrong” action can shift as quickly as in minutes.

We cling to the ideas of those who must know more than us. And we limit ourselves to express ourselves through a voice that is not our own. Because we don’t know where to find ours in all the rules that have never actually been established. Therefore, these opinions of “right” and “wrong” cannot be trusted.

What we can trust is intent, what we find in our hearts when we look at what’s happening. And how we use this, our own wisdom and guidance, as the motivation behind our response.

Don’t let anyone tell you what is the way for your voice to be heard. Instead ask it of your soul, “What is it that I feel? And how can I best convey it?” As humans we are unique and able to tap into a wisdom that transcends our humanness. It is also the place where we can reconnect with all those who are human. The duality of this, the very nature of things, is beautiful. It is from this place that we must create.

Photo taken by Tyler Rocheleau, IG: @tyleroverthere,

In the midst of it all, I see judgment seeping out of the cracks, stunting our creativity so that we may respond in the way only another mind sees fit. And we close ourselves off, disconnecting from our own wisdom, at the expense of so many other minds that have so many other ideas that could also help, for fear that someone else might look at it and crush it all with a simple, “no.”

There is a lesson we must learn: “Human beings are allowed to behave how they want.” It has always been so, whether we agree or not, it is true. We can’t control others. We can only control ourselves. How we respond. But knowing this can bring us more power than we ever thought possible. We are free. What a delight to know, one only has to worry about oneself. Our contribution.

Don’t miss the point, the potential of what you can do because you are afraid. Don’t become bogged down by policing posts on social media that fit into another’s pre-prescribed box of “yes” and “no.” Because we are all different. Wonderfully and beautifully made.

And if we were to open it up, meditate and allow the universe to flow through us, we would be astounded. If we were to take in the thoughts of the world, the love, the hate, and let it ruminate in a mind that is unique to YOU, an interpretation of the world from a new light, we would be astounded. By the incredible beauty we can create on our own. Together.

If you can write, write. If you can speak, speak. If you can fight, fight. If you can love, love. If you can yell, yell. If you can whisper, whisper. If you can paint, paint. If you can take a photograph, take a photograph. If you can cry, cry. If you can smile, smile. If you can sing, sing. If you can walk down the street and see things differently, walk down the street and see things differently. It’s all OKAY.

And we’ll know it’s “right” because it’s what the voice inside told us to do. The voice untouched by time.

Dedicated to George Floyd.


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