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Letting go

I feel there is this duality that we face as humans. On one end, we crave validation. Oftentimes, we strive for success in other fields because of the foolish belief that when we get there, we will finally have the approval of those who have been withholding their love, fully and wholly, for so long. And on the other end, there is something we are destined to do, given from within, that goes against it all.

But you see, we want this approval so badly that we are willing to abandon the dream planted in our hearts. Instead, we take a different path that offers a more certain, direct line to follow that will get us to the land of success. But it is silly to go after a dream that is not your own. And the land of success is make-believe and ever-changing. Don’t pursue anything for the sake of how you think it will make others feel. Our happiness does not come from others, nor it is contingent on anything. Happiness is found in the deep stillness, and is available to you now, in this present moment, if only we were to look.

Only you can know the path you’re supposed to take because our hearts were never meant for anyone else to read. And the funny thing is, when you follow that fully, letting go of all attachments to success or failure, you will find all that you were ever seeking in its purest form.


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Just a girl and her dog.

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