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Returning to your routine

Within the last few weeks, I’ve grown busy in other aspects of my life. I’ve gotten a new job or two. But in doing so, I’ve found that I’ve consistently neglected my regular routine. There are certain things that I like to do each day, as well as commitments I’ve made to myself that have fallen to the waist side. This includes, reading, writing, meditating, yoga, ect.

At first, I justified it by recognizing how busy I’ve been elsewhere. I decided to allow myself to take a week off from “it all.” But quickly (and especially with the festivities of the recent holiday) one week has turned into two.

I guess it’s easy to feel like all the hard work I’ve been putting into my passion doesn’t matter. I also find that I often hold myself to such high expectations. And if I don’t meet my goals, I become so disappointed in myself.

But what’s most important is to pick yourself back up even if you’ve fallen away for a while. Create a new realistic routine that fits with your new busy schedule, not against it. And don’t get discouraged or beat yourself up if things don’t work out perfectly. That never helps anything. Pick one or two items on your agenda, set them higher above the rest and stick to them no matter what.

While my ultimate goal is long-term, it’s the baby steps I take each day that make me feel better in the present moment. And just that makes it all worth doing.


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Just a girl and her dog.

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