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Love yourself

All too often, we ask the world of ourselves. We expect nothing less than perfection, of achieving all that we set out to do ahead of time. And if we don’t get everything done, we think of ourselves as less than. This happens constantly. It’s a vicious cycle we subject ourselves to and all because, funnily enough, we think that by doing so we will eventually be happy. If we withhold our love from ourselves, we will somehow push harder to reach some obscure level of achievement that we can finally be proud of. And then the love can flow.

But here’s what I’m asking you to do instead. Be happy now. Love yourself now.

It’s a strange thing we do. We beat up on ourselves as if doing so will eventually lead us to who we are meant to be. And if we don’t reach the unrealistic expectation prescribed by a disillusioned mind we are surely a failure. But we are already who we are meant to be. And we can continue to evolve into a better version of ourselves while coming from the space of knowing that we are all that we will ever need to be right now.

The negative things we think of ourselves, say about ourselves, this tendency to be overly critical, we would NEVER do to anyone else. We wouldn’t think to treat family, friends, or even our enemies with the hate we give ourselves. Why then, do we choose to do this to ourselves? It’s time to reconsider.

How about we tell our brains to take a chill-pill? Be proud of each step you take AND that’s it. Make the conscious decision to love yourself no matter what. Wherever you are right now, know that you are worthy of your own love. And if you slip-up, how incredible will it be to know that you have your own back? Always.

I believe that changing this constant battle of hoping and self-loathing will help bring your dreams into a reality anyways. The positive vibrations you send with each step towards your goal will only help to propel you forward and reinforce the most important message that you believe in yourself.


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Just a girl and her dog.

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