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Doggy Doodles

A teeny town, just over the railroad tracks. It’s his home. If he ever got lost, I’d know right where to find him. Here. A favorite place for salty paws.

Every time we go out, the leash always tugs in the same direction. And I feel guilty because I know I should take him more often. But really he makes quite a mess.

Always running straight for the water, splashing in the way that makes us laugh. The same way as when he was a puppy.

A soul wanting to go faster than the body can hold. Front legs trying to keep up with the back ones so that it turns into more of a hop like Tigger.

And as the sun sets, we sit side by side, in a moment all the more special because it fades as fast as the colors that fall from the sky.

California, USA


Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

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