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Happy Now

All too often, we set goals because of how we think they will make us feel on the other side. And while it’s important to set goals to evolve into greater versions of ourselves, the reason for doing so should not be because we want to feel better. Never sacrifice your happiness now for the chance of obtaining it in some future state.

Happiness is always and only available to us now. Don’t hold out on the opportunity to enjoy your life as it is currently. All we ever have is now. Life can only be experienced in the present, so why wouldn’t we choose, always, to make this moment the best it can be?

When you can change your perspective to find happiness now, your energy changes. And with it, the vibrations you send out into the world. These vibrations will hold a higher, more positive frequency that will only help in your pursuit by attracting the right people, right places and right things into your life at the perfect time.


Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

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