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Living a Meaningful Life

What it truly means to live an authentic and meaningful life has become obscured. Advertisers know this. Their very existence depends on it. They play on our primitive fears of not being “good enough.” They prey on our foolishly egotistical longings for more money, more materials, more of anything and everything beyond what we currently have. We have become conditioned to believe that in order to matter in this world, we must have matter (things). We must achieve and keep achieving (evident by all of the things around us) until greatness has been attained. But this is simply not true. And this illusion of how we are told to live our lives will only lead to dissatisfaction and discomfort in what we have now. If there is only ever what’s to come, then what is now will never suffice. But as I type this, I can see the contradiction, the fallacy, so bold and true because all we ever have is now.

The reality is that we can find true purpose and meaning in every single thing we do. Now. It can be as simple as washing the dishes. If we can really be present for the experience, one can find joy. Pay attention to how the warmth of the water feels on your skin, how the bubbles foam, the satisfaction of using your hands to turn dirt into beauty. Or think of how wonderful it is to have running water in your house, pouring out of a faucet right in your very kitchen. It’s really quite miraculous. And there are so many people that will never be given this very gift, of a chore we complain so much about. Though it may seem silly, just try. Seek out joy in all that you do. If you ever find yourself unhappy, no matter what you’re doing, pause. Redirect your mind, focus on the beauty of the now and try again. If we can find joy in these simple things by being truly present in all of our experiences, we will find the fullness that we seek.

Choose to look at the life you are living now from the perspective of abundance. You will be astounded at all of the things we take for granted. All of the things that if we were to truly look would leave us in awe. And when we go through life from this space of pure joy, peace in the present moment, the universe will attract more of this to us anyways. Don’t seek happiness outside of yourself and be miserable until it arrives. It will never come. Instead, find happiness now and watch how the universe brings that same energy to you in every aspect of your life.


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Just a girl and her dog.

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