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Merrily Mary

A queue to big when considering the space, people line up nonetheless. Zigzagging over cobble stone, in a quaint little market, in view of a not-so quaint, magnificent castle. Coming from around the world to taste a bit of the thing that all from here say you must. For is it really a trip to Edinburgh otherwise? I’ll let you decide.

And in this teeny shop you’ll find Mary. An esteemed graduate from Gelato University (yes, such a thing exists) who can be seen making fresh flavors in the early hours of the morning.

A place where love is felt from every flower placed just so, to the fluffy pillows (if you’re lucky enough to get a seat). If not, no matter, like I said there’s a castle outside.The refreshing passion of one who has found a gift they are meant to give others. Lucky for us it’s a sweet one.

Mary’s Milk Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland


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Just a girl and her dog.

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