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January (Pt. 1) Jitters

“Set your goals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.”

The usefulness of bringing your New Years resolutions back into reality. Not the goals themselves (go big or go home), but the timeframes you allot.

With the beginning of the New Year brings the long-anticipated feeling of a fresh start. And with the craziness of last year, the notion of a clean slate can appear extremely compelling. In the final months of a year filled with chaos and turmoil, we set high hopes at the possibility for the future.

But when January finally rolls around, we become instantly disappointed that the ease of changing old habits (now deeply engrained) do not align with our unrealistic expectations. Though conditioned with old patterns of prior behaviors, we fume over our inability to perform the absolute opposite by January 1st.

After all, our minds had envisioned a grandiose notion of an incredible year flourishing with the accomplishments of all we had set out to achieve. And straight away, one might add. This vision of victory our mind creates sounds great, right? The only problem is our mind (as it tends to) has once again forgotten that in order for us to succeed, we must by nature fail. It conveniently decided not to add that minor detail in the picture it painted. For a flower is so much prettier without the specks of dirt on it, though the dirt is the very thing responsible for its growth. A necessary component.

We are human. Perfectly flawed. STAY TUNED for part 2 about the process of changing habits and in the meantime, show yourself some love. ❤


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