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February (Pt. 2) Freakout

“How long should you try? Until.”

I’d like to share that amidst my progression to be healthier this year, I’ve eaten some foods where health was certainly questionable. And though I felt guilty, I took a moment to stop and listen to the chattering mind that began to take over. Entertained by the ridiculousness of the growing narrative, I couldn’t help but resort to laughter.

Seriously, I ate a potato chip and heard my mind announce that I was now doomed, my image surely tainted and that I might as well finish the bag and no longer try at all until January 2022. How silly, we are such perfectionists that we’d rather be all or nothing, fat or skinny, healthy or toxic then risk having to be uncomfortable somewhere in the middle. Such a pity because now, with the slightest of slip-ups, we grow discouraged and even more dangerous, disappointed in ourselves.

But being in the middle is where we must inevitable be in order to learn something new. And though we feel safer by the walls, it is absolutely essential that we pass through the middle of a room when walking from one side to the other (as much as we’d like to fly). Our willingness to change habits becomes easier when we recognize that “the middle” is a part of it.

The benefits of self-love coming your way in part 3!


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