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Venice Vibes

To be among the boats like cars in the street, only bobbing. What it must be like for this to be your world, where garages float and taxi stands lie adjacent the water that dolphins pass through. 

Here I was given just a taste, as much as was left of the coffee in my cup, growing (c)old so that one feels they must drink it all now, before it’s too late. Intoxicating all the more because of the fade the moment it’s poured. 

I wanted to see it all, every canal and alleyway filled with hidden stories of people so much more romantic than I’ll ever be. The sensation of being a part of being so entirely different than my way of doing things. 

Clinging to a moment, not wanting to forget anything, for it to go away, fading with the last drop and out of my head forever. Missing the experience before it’s even over, wanting to stay. But the man behind the wheel doesn’t know my thoughts and the boat keeps moving. 

Venice, Italy


Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

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