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Shameless (Pt. 3) Self-Love

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Oftentimes, our ego tells us that we can’t possibly be happy until we have achieved either this thing or that. The problem is that all we ever have is the present moment. If we put off our happiness now for later, it will only ever be so. We find that later, always in the future, inevitably never comes. Even if we do achieve “the thing,” we’re still left unfulfilled, feeling a sense of emptiness that permeates our existence. Suffice it to say that “the thing,” even when realized, brings no peace. Thus, we move on to “the next thing” and so, the cycle repeats.

The good news is that happiness is always available (and only ever able to be accessed) right now. We have just been looking in the wrong place. Pure joy doesn’t exist outside ourselves and certainly not in any future state. Instead, it lies internally. Try it for yourself. Bring yourself into the now by redirecting any and all thoughts to the present moment. If your thoughts drift back to the stresses of the day, no worries. Acknowledge the thought as just that, a thought, and without resisting, allow it to float away. Focus your energies back to the quiet space that exists within your body. You’ll soon grow aware of an inner stillness and feel a little glow. This simple practice is a beautiful way to slow the busyness of your mind, while cultivating peace through an act of self-love.

When setting out to achieve a goal, keep this notion of self-love in mind. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Find something that you did today in pursuit of your goal that you’re proud of. Redirect your focus away from what you didn’t do and instead feel gratitude for the actions that you did take, no matter how small. Notice whenever you start to stray. Don’t judge. Simply acknowledge and redirect yourself back to the good stuff. This process, especially when practiced continuously, will help bring your positive actions into awareness, attracting more of the same into your life.

Thank you for reading! Our next post will be about the transformative process of forgiving one’s self. Hope to see you there! ❤


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