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Purple thoughts

What do we write when the stuff has gone missing? When there is no particular topic and yet, feel compelled to put a pen in our hand. A rush of words gliding across the page to keep up with our insides pouring over. Her river, flowing again and we can touch the stones beneath our feet moving forward. The stuff that water is made of stirs after being stagnant for too long.

What do we write when a huge shift is pending? Inevitable, yet nothing has really happened yet. Days carry on as before, but it’s all different somehow. Circles begin to straighten through a mind remembering that nothing, but everything lasts.

My fellow bloggers, is it just me, or does the day feel faded if you “forgot” to write? And “forgot” has quotes by its side because we never forget. It is on our mind constantly, and all we’ve forgotten is the worth of our words.

A page without the smudges of my left hand lacks the vibrant vigor that makes the flowers come back to life. Already I feel better, and I can see a beautiful purple in the trees across the street. So if no one reads this, it will still have been worth it, for I love the color purple.


Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

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