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PJ of the mind

There is a part of me who wants it all, and she’s in constant opposition with the other part of me who already has it all.

“I want a private jet to take me somewhere incredible,” the stubborn self demands.

“We already have that,” the soulful self assures, though quietly, for there’s never been a reason to yell. But the stubborn self is always shouting, you see, and more often than not, pays no attention to her.

And so the stubborn self goes on, twisting our life, trying to gain this and that, when all the while the soulful self knows we are steering ourselves so very far away from that which can take us anywhere.

Little does she know (and which she we’re talking about now no longer matters, they’re both part of the same whole), as soon as I touch the pen to the page, I’m back among the clouds, looking out a window filled with everlasting blueberry skies.


Published by allisonjaewrites

Just a girl and her dog.

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