Love yourself

All too often, we ask the world of ourselves. We expect nothing less than perfection, of achieving all that we set out to do ahead of time. And if we don’t get everything done, we think of ourselves as less than. This happens constantly. It’s a vicious cycle we subject ourselves to and all because,Continue reading “Love yourself”

Letting go

I feel there is this duality that we face as humans. On one end, we crave validation. Oftentimes, we strive for success in other fields because of the foolish belief that when we get there, we will finally have the approval of those who have been withholding their love, fully and wholly, for so long.Continue reading “Letting go”

Moroccan musings

Hello, everyone! Thank you all so much for your support. I can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks and I already have some followers. Woohoo! Fridays I will be posting little rambles from my travels. I hope you don’t mind. First up, my trip to Chefchaouen, the blue village: There exists a world ofContinue reading “Moroccan musings”

Thoughts on peace during a pandemic pt. 2

To accept the current state of things, whatever that may be. Perhaps this is the solution. A way to bring about peace. If we are at home, confined to the couch due to a deadly disease in our midst, let it be so. How have we always wanted to spend such a luxury of time?Continue reading “Thoughts on peace during a pandemic pt. 2”

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