Not one for politics

The more the pandemic carries on, the more apparent it becomes that we are so far behind the rest of the world. I see it now clearly where before it was obscure. A beautiful flag stands in front of it, covering it up. But now there are holes poking through, piercing light against a backdropContinue reading “Not one for politics”

Thoughts on peace during a pandemic pt. 2

To accept the current state of things, whatever that may be. Perhaps this is the solution. A way to bring about peace. If we are at home, confined to the couch due to a deadly disease in our midst, let it be so. How have we always wanted to spend such a luxury of time?Continue reading “Thoughts on peace during a pandemic pt. 2”

Dancing on my own

An at-home music festival for the soul gone wrong The other day I decided to turn on a music festival and just dance. And it was so much fun. It’s easy to feel cooped up because we are unable to go out and less loose in the ways we know and love. For me, IContinue reading “Dancing on my own”

Universal tidings

This year was supposed to be the big travel year for me. Up until last month, your girl was running around Europe but had to come home because of the Corona. I suppose it’s hard to write anything without the virus creeping back up into the seam-work of things. It’s everywhere, permeable in all conversations.Continue reading “Universal tidings”

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