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21st century human: a poem

Can you watch a sunset without taking a photo? Can you sit in the sand without checking your phone? Could you go on a trip without telling anyone? Could you remember what happened just by being there? Can you feel connected to others through presence alone?

My godmother gave me a Louis bag

All my life, I dreamed that one day I would own a Louis Vuitton bag. In this fantasy, I would, of course, be wildly successful, walk into a fancy store with gold walls and pick out the one I loved most. In fact, I dare say I equated success with the very ability to buyContinue reading “My godmother gave me a Louis bag”

Living a Meaningful Life

What it truly means to live an authentic and meaningful life has become obscured. Advertisers know this. Their very existence depends on it. They play on our primitive fears of not being “good enough.” They prey on our foolishly egotistical longings for more money, more materials, more of anything and everything beyond what we currentlyContinue reading “Living a Meaningful Life”

Happy Now

All too often, we set goals because of how we think they will make us feel on the other side. And while it’s important to set goals to evolve into greater versions of ourselves, the reason for doing so should not be because we want to feel better. Never sacrifice your happiness now for theContinue reading “Happy Now”

Love yourself

All too often, we ask the world of ourselves. We expect nothing less than perfection, of achieving all that we set out to do ahead of time. And if we don’t get everything done, we think of ourselves as less than. This happens constantly. It’s a vicious cycle we subject ourselves to and all because,Continue reading “Love yourself”

Returning to your routine

Within the last few weeks, I’ve grown busy in other aspects of my life. I’ve gotten a new job or two. But in doing so, I’ve found that I’ve consistently neglected my regular routine. There are certain things that I like to do each day, as well as commitments I’ve made to myself that haveContinue reading “Returning to your routine”

Milan musings

Rainbows burst out of the glass, refracting illuminations of color on the pillar like tinker bell. A fairy’s disco. Reflections linger in the empty aisle, a ghost caught in the spotlight as particles of light hover in kaleidoscopic dust. It’s so beautiful. We see it in shutter speed. A story bending though, the ray ofContinue reading “Milan musings”

The soul of a place

The more I travel, the more I am quite certain that every place I visit has a soul. You can feel the energy pulsing through the moment you step off the plane. Moving to Santa Barbara, I remember this feeling. I knew it was exactly the place where I was supposed to be. A greatContinue reading “The soul of a place”

Moroccan musings 2

Staring into gold, a door as though I drank the vial in wonderland, when all around me there were none. Intricate royals, sophisticated spheres, impressive teals crafted with careful hands to lure us here, when for hours, staring through a dirty window, I had seen none. Villages surely abandoned in my mind until I sawContinue reading “Moroccan musings 2”

Little drops & BIG dreams

How refreshing to know that the big dream will never be accomplished in a single sitting? What pressure! Rather it is the baby steps, how we choose to spend each day, that will turn into something beautiful. And there’s no exact formula you need to memorize, no specific number you need to reach, no statusContinue reading “Little drops & BIG dreams”